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So On Again
11/10/2015 - New Lemolo!!
11/19/2015 - Lemolo was so great tonight and I was back home by 11 even! So wonderful to meet them and everyone in Baltimore was so nice!
12/31/2015 - A new Elvy CD, My Black Light, Striking Matches! I got to meet Kevin Martin from Candlebox, that was really cool. I also got to meet Meagan Grindall, aka Lemolo. Lost Lander at DC9, Weird Al at Wolf Trap, and even Buena Vista Social Club!
Thursday November 19, 2015:

I was a bit worried about traffic coming from Alexandria all the way to a house in Baltimore for the show, but in the end it worked out okay. I left at 5:30 and barely made it on time for the gig at 8, so there was about 45 minutes of traffic in all. The show was real intimate which was good because I had missed her Jammin Java set. I was glad to have finally made it. The show was hosted by her former RA in college. They all seemed like really cool folks, even though they were all teachers! Songs played included On Again Off Again which was the first song that I heard from them on the Radio Paradise website way back when. Knives was also played. They did a lot from their album Red Right Return and about half from their first album. Meagan seemed especially excited to meet me after we'd been talking on email, so that was neat to have her be so appreciative of me coming all the way there! Everyone joined in on the chorus for their last song. It was a short set because it was a weeknight, but they did say that they got to play more than in Boston when a neighbor yelled at them for being too loud! I was glad the show was so cool and definitely worth the drive! Oh and they're fans of The Foals too, I heard the new album on after the show and mentioned it to Adrian, the drummer!

11/19/2015 - Lemolo

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