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All my friends are criminals
5/23/2017 - Can't wait to get my hands on the MSH album from the Evokatones guys! Next time I see them it's mine!
7/22/2017 - A great dinner at Oz for Australian food! The sliders had venison, kangaroo, and camel. After dinner I headed off for the tail end of the Ska fest to catch MSH! Great to see some friends there too and Colleen and Alfredo again!
10/19/2017 - So far a pretty good birthday! Got to Google Hangout with Noah this morning, binge watch a bunch of Big Bang Theory Season 10, bi bim bap for lunch, and going to see MSH tonight after ramen at Oki Bowl. Pretty sweet!
Thursday October 19, 2017:

It was pretty convenient that I chose Oki Bowl for dinner as it was within walking distance to my friend's apartment so we were able to stop by her place on the way over to the bar so she could drop off her leftovers. I had worked it out with Colleen from MSH that we could get in on a guest list even though the cover was only $5 so that was a nice touch on my birthday. It was sweet to see Colleen and Alfredo and the rest of the band again. MSH did most of their album including Barfly and All My Friends Are Criminals, Short Circuiting, Hit The Ground, and I'm Taking You All. It's such a good album! I consider myself fortunate for having seen them twice already this year. Can't wait for them to release more new music! The venue was a bit of a dive bar and the stairs were crazy steep to climb up to the second floor bar, but it was a fun time. Took a Lyft both ways which made for a cheaper evening. What a fun birthday!!

10/19/2017 - MSH

10/19/2017 - The Scotch Bonnets

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