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Chromeo - Oh, Oh
2/5/2011 - So apparently, at a Chromeo show, my awesome dancing can get me: 1. two dances with other guys girlfriends, 2. a free drink from a random person who liked watching me dance as well!
Saturday February 5, 2011:

The night started off on a high note, with The Suzan being an awesome all-girl Japanese rock and pop band. They were great and I loved everything about them. I made sure I bought their CD immediately after the set. MNDR was really annoying and tough to sit through. Her set was overproduced and her voice cracked the whole time. The only thing she did right was saying that she loved The Suzan! As one person pointed out on YouTube, her finger pointing was way better than her singing! Then, Chromeo came on. When I had seen them before at Virgin Mobile Fest, I was so impressed. They were the best act of that day! They're the ultimate party band to go see live. I was dancing the night away in the back. Someone came over to me at one point and bought me a drink. He said the group of girls in front of me loved my moves! I gave them a contact card, but nobody called me back. Still, it was an amazing night. One couple said they even wanted dance lessons from me because the girl's boyfriend didn't have any dance moves himself! So funny. The confetti was a nice touch! I can't wait until my next Chromeo show!

2/5/2011 - Chromeo

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