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Alternarock Part I
1.Sneaker Pimps-Six Underground
2.Rancid-Ruby Soho
4.Everlast-What Its Like
5.Soul Asylum-Somebody To Shove
6.The Red Hot Chili Peppers-Soul To Squeeze
7.Garbage-Push It
8.Cake-Never There
9.Butthole Surfers-Pepper
10.Pearl Jam-Alive
11.Jimi Hendrix-Wind Cries Mary
12.Animals-House Of The Rising Sun
13.U2-The Sweetest Thing
14.Talking Heads-Once In A Lifetime
15.Green Day-Time Of Your Life
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Black Hole
1.Garbage-You Look So Fine
2.Alice In Chains-Dont Follow
3.Cracker-I Want Everything
5.Gin Blossoms-Until I Fall Away
6.Live-Lightning Crashes
7.Pearl Jam-Oceans
8.REM-At My Most Beautiful
9.U2-All I Want Is You
10.Heather Nova-Doubled Up
11.Chris Cornell-When Im Down
12.Counting Crows-Colorblind
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In Your Face Part I
1.God Lives Underwater-All Wrong
2.Nine Inch Nails-Burn
3.Chemical Brothers-Leave Home
4.Stabbing Westward-Violent Mood Swings
6.Bile-I Reject
7.Filter-Hey Man Nice Shot
8.Gravity Kills-Guilty
9.Cure-Purple Haze
10.Ministry-The Fall
11.KMFDM-Juke Joint Jezebel
13.Rage Against The Machine-Freedom
14.Primus-My Name Is Mud
15.Helmet And House Of Pain-Just Another Victim
16.The Beastie Boys-So Watcha Want
17.Stabbing Westward-Sleep
18.Nine Inch Nails-Dead Souls
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Modern Nature
2.Chemical Brothers-Where Do I Begin
3.Fiona Apple-Criminal
4.Blind Melon-Car Seat (Gods Presents)
5.Creed-My Own Prison
6.Phat Cow-Breaking Bread
7.Depeche Mode-Slow Blow
8.Soul Coughing-Soft Serve
9.Nine Inch Nails-Hurt
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Soft Lullabies
2.Portishead-All Mine
3.Massive Attack-Teardrop
4.Sheryl Crow-Tomorrow Never Dies
5.Fiona Apple-Sleep To Dream
6.The Cardigans-Deuce
7.Metallica-Nothing Else Matters
8.Tori Amos-Spark
9.Smashing Pumpkins-1979
10.The Beatles-Let It Be
11.U2-With Or Without You

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