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SEPTEMBER 24: A Look Back In Time
2018 Facebook
07:26 PM - Had so much fun bowling with my Syncadd coworkers today! It was me, Mark and Chy on one side and Brian, Glen, Carrie, and Chris on the other. Maria and Dave didn't play but cheered us on! My buddy Dave took Sake out so I wasn't worried. Phew! What fun!
2017 Facebook
04:20 PM - Super cool that Ned's Atomic Dustbin just did a living room acoustic gig on Facebook Live. I've got Grey Cell Green in my head now!
2016 Facebook
09:45 PM - Me and Brian at the Fredericksburg Book Festival today.
2015 Facebook
12:56 PM - Best Old Town lifehack ever!
2012 Facebook
09:27 PM - Sake needs another trip to the vet. Poor girl's barely used her paw since I got back.
2011 Facebook
04:04 PM - Alcohol, the new Kemopetrol, incense haze, a website to code, a dog next to me, what more could I ask for?
2009 Facebook
11:22 PM - Not liking how the zune software ate up my zune, GRR!
2007 Facebook
05:41 PM - Breathe your breath, live my life, but never understand how we stand in everything.
2006 Facebook
10:15 AM - I called a lady about a yard sale that's going on for our community. Very excited! It's going to be on October 21st and we're looking forward to it! Yay!
2004 Facebook
08:35 AM - Jon Crosby of Vast came out with his Turquoise and Crimson double CD finally. I already got my copy ordered, using the money I was refunded from a Futurama xbox game. Yesterday I went to karate class after work. We did combinations and kata, pretty cool!
2003 Facebook
08:11 PM - I was offered overtime at work, but since I'll be out of town on vacation (yay Atlantic City!), I opted for just two hours extra on Monday. I'm also hoping for Rosh Hoshonah services if I can find out how to make arrangements for that.
2002 Facebook
04:35 PM - After two enemas and a colonoscopy, I'm me again! Finally released from the hospital after having a really bad bout of food poisoning from a Mexican restaurant. Yikes!
1996 Facebook
05:24 PM - What is life without death?
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