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DECEMBER 14: A Look Back In Time
2015 Facebook
08:54 PM - Thank goodness we're inside at the moment!
2014 Facebook
03:50 PM - RIP Dr Curry
2012 Facebook
05:51 PM - So extremely sad over the incident that occurred in CT today.
2011 Facebook
12:39 PM - Judge dismissed my reckless by speed ticket (50 in a 25) upon seeing my certificate from the driving course!
2010 Facebook
11:22 PM - Happy I know such awesome people that are in my life. Thank you.
2009 Facebook
07:59 PM - It's definitely eight crazy nights this week for me, for sure! I finally settled on a place though. That's the great news. The sucky news is that the sale hasn't happened yet!!
2007 Facebook
11:05 AM - Updated my Zune last night. Biffy Clyro makes for an interesting band!
2006 Facebook
08:22 AM - On the 22nd, Camera Obscura are coming and I like them! And on Sunday March 4th, the Scissor Sisters are coming. I'd also really like to see Blue October on January 23 at the 9:30 club. Decisions, decisions!
2005 Facebook
07:08 AM - Karate was good last night, it was a basic class. My stomach wasn't feeling that well, but I made it through. I'm having OJ for breakfast to make up for it. Today I have my dentist appointment which I've been procrastinating for the last two years!
2003 Facebook
09:15 AM - Sadaam=captured=yay! Work=closed=boo. I hope I don't have to take up another Saturday since I was scheduled to come in today, but whatever. *shrug* Stupid snow!
2000 Facebook
10:06 AM - My story is unique.
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