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JUNE 22: A Look Back In Time
2013 Concerts
 Thirteen Towers at Electric Maid
2017 Facebook
01:32 PM - Moby Dick for the win!
2014 Facebook
09:11 AM - My favorite songs from Ottobar last night: Ringfinger by Nine Inch Nails, Kiss Off by The Violent Femmes, and Straight Up by Paula Abdul. That was some 80s Dance Party!! No Prince, though. Weird!
2013 Facebook
06:15 PM - Metro Area Punk And Ska Fest 2013! Interstate Rivals and Thirteen Towers, yay!
2011 Facebook
04:37 PM - Boss got us cupcakes from Crumbs after the girls were talking about them during a last-minute high priority assignment.
2009 Facebook
07:07 PM - Absolutely shocked about the DC Metro derailment today. Back in DC from Atlanta though and I had the day off today!
2007 Facebook
12:32 PM - There's a Weird Al concert coming to Warner Theater, but it's a weeknight, so I don't know. Sometimes it just gets overwhelming going to all these events. I've also got Phantom Of The Opera and B-52s in August so that should be fun anyway!
2006 Facebook
03:10 PM - I found SQL code today that can sum up my monthly report in a few lines! Cool!
2005 Facebook
11:17 PM - I figured out how to script in VB Script somewhat which basically means I can develop my own add-ons for ACT! software. Yeah, I'm a nerd.
2004 Facebook
12:12 AM - I just sent out the Thank-You note for Dick Wood express mail so he'll get it tomorrow! There are still a few more interviews, but I bet if he could hire me on the spot, he would. Fingers crossed!
2003 Facebook
02:23 PM - I dyed my hair! It's dirty blonde right now. I'll post pics when I get around to it - and pics of my car, too!
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