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AUGUST 23: A Look Back In Time
2006 Concerts
 Steve Miller Band at Wolf Trap
2013 Concerts
 Your Cousin Marvin at Casa Fiesta
2010 Facebook
11:04 PM - Not sure why but for some reason I thought to listen to Sky Eats Airplane before going to bed.
2011 Facebook
03:33 PM - Just realized the irony of putting my phone on vibrate!
07:34 PM - Finally found a place in Annandale that serves kim bap (Ara), too bad it's too far away, in that I'm sure I'll end up eating most of it by the time I get home!
2012 Facebook
12:15 PM - Tried for VFest tix, couldn't get em this year, got shut out at the verification screen.
11:22 PM - Kinda bummed the duffel I got for my pack doesn't fit my sleeping bag, guess I'll have to make do once I get there. I think I'm almost all set!
2013 Facebook
12:00 AM - Facebook status coming soon!
2014 Facebook
11:00 AM - The only way to cure a hangover on a rainy day!
2015 Facebook
12:51 AM - Pretty night in Old Town tonight with my folks and Roxanne!
10:39 PM - My parents are gone and I'm still alive! Muhahaha.
2016 Facebook
12:00 AM - Facebook status coming soon!
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