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Soul Coughing, Black Eyed Peas, And Everclear At AU!
3/6/1999 - Soul Coughing, Everclear, and the Black Eyed Peas! What a fantastic show!!
Saturday March 6, 1999:

This show was probably the best at American University during my time there! It was awesome to see Soul Coughing with hits like Super Bon Bon and Circles and to see Everclear for the first time playing stuff like Santa Monica. Of course, this was also my introduction to Black Eyed Peas. A few of my friends even met Everclear who were looking for a place to do their laundry so they all hung out in the dorms together. They even got backstage passes but didn't go. Oh well, they missed out! This show was awesome! Oh and I got to meet Mike Doughty there too. Cool!

3/6/1999 - Everclear

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