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3/6/1999 - Soul Coughing, Everclear, and the Black Eyed Peas! What a fantastic show!! (001.jpg)
7/26/2002 - Willie do and Willie don't Willie will and Willie won't Willie takes his time when he plays the drums - Cowboy Mouth! (013.jpg)
7/27/2002 - Splender! Yeah whatever makes me happy! (014.jpg)
8/14/2002 - Going to dinner and a concert - Ozomatli! It's gonna be great! I can't wait, only 5 more hours! Tomorrow I should be getting my new dell computer. Yeah! Dell Inspiron 8200. 30 gig harddrive. I'm psyched!! (015.jpg)
8/14/2003 - Lloyd Dobler Effect show coming up tonight in Arlington. Should be a great time. Cover charge is only $5 so yeah. They always put on an excellent show! And after all the crap in Florida, yeah a concert would be kick ass! (018.jpg)
10/12/2003 - Yesterday four of us saw School of Rock, which we all loved! It was such a good movie. Tonight's the Cracker and Cowboy Mouth show! Yay!! (019.jpg)
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