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6/11/2011 - Sake, my new German Shepard/Chow chow dog! Welcome home girl! (003.jpg)
6/12/2011 - First thunderstorm with the dog! (004.jpg)
6/29/2011 - Liking Glen Carlyn park way better than Shirlington and it's even closer! (006.jpg)
5/21/2012 - Work, yoga, dinner, laundry, dog, bed. (009.jpg)
5/27/2012 - Cito, my neighbor Dvija's dog, is visiting for the holiday weekend. (010.jpg)
1/12/2013 - Haircut and a shave? Dropping clothes off at the cleaners? Finding a new Korean place for kimbap? Beautiful day outside for a trip to the park with Sake? Date tonight? Boxing tomorrow? Ska punk this weekend? What fun!! (016.jpg)
3/31/2013 - If you're Sake and you know it, clap your paws. (017.jpg)
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