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7/28/2018 - Checking out Pearl Street Warehouse with Kelly for the band Maybe April! Not a bad place at all! (226.jpg)
10/6/2018 - We rallied together with The Ghost of Tom Joad, This Land Is Your Land, and of course to end such an awesome event, Killing In The Name Of. Tom Morello also played The Garden of Gethsemane for Chris Cornell. What an amazing evening! (230.jpg)
11/30/2018 - Even a bad Crash Test Dummies gig is way better than a lot of other stuff out there. It wasn't up to par with what I've seen over at Jammin Java, but it was still a very fun show! (235.jpg)
1/18/2019 - Had a fun day today checking out a new Asian cafe near work, then trekking into DC for the Vertical Horizon gig with Kelly at the new DC City Winery! What a fun show and I even had cheesecake for dessert! Yum! (236.jpg)
2/1/2019 - 80s Dance Party at the Carlyle Club in Alexandria! Between me and Bobbie we had a good group and she brought some friends along including a nice lady named Subria and my friend Dave came too. The DJ was just okay but the food & service was terrible! Meh. (237.jpg)
2/2/2019 - My friends had an extra ticket so I found myself with Bobbie and Subria only a few rows away from Paul Oakenfold after going out to the Carlyle Club the same evening! Pretty cool to say I've been there but Soundcheck was pretty terrible! (238.jpg)
2/15/2019 - Michael Glabicki and Dirk Miller of Rusted Root were awesome at the DC City Winery tonight! Too bad I can't say the same about my Lyft driver home! Wow, what a nightmare that was!! (239.jpg)
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