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4/22/2019 - Took most of the day easy today, just went down two blocks to 14th street to check out a new Korean restaurant called Zusik for lunch and a Georgian restaurant called Chama Mama for dinner. ZAZ was AWESOME!!!! Loved every minute of it!! (249.jpg)
5/4/2019 - Imogen Heap was just okay tonight. I saw her in 2009 and her performance was wayyyy better then. Too much Q&A in between songs! MEH!! (250.jpg)
6/16/2019 - Had fun watching Phish livestreamed all the way from Bonnaroo in Tennessee this year! So fun! Too bad I couldn't stay up late enough to watch their second set, it was already midnight at that point! Oh well! (251.jpg)
6/22/2019 - Portside festival was fun! Indian beatboxing and Black Masala complete with thai food and ice cream! Doesn't get much better than this! (253.jpg)
8/13/2019 - Made it to Wolf Trap for Stray Cats tonight! Wasn't sure I would, but here I am after all!! (255.jpg)
8/24/2019 - What a great day with Thirteen Towers, Spring Heeled Jack, Great Heights Band, and Kill Lincoln (round 8!)! Great venue and fun to hang out there with my buddy Nick! (259.jpg)
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