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1/30/2019 - Sake looks like she's in trouble but I can assure you she's not! (163.jpg)
2/6/2019 - Sake loves her crate! (164.jpg)
2/20/2019 - Snowed most of the morning then turned to rain. Glad I got my desk delivered from Amazon and already set it up! Here's Sake begging for some food. (165.jpg)
3/2/2019 - Just another morning hanging out with Sake! (166.jpg)
3/7/2019 - Where ya going, Sake girl? (167.jpg)
3/10/2019 - Sake says hi the only way she knows how! (168.jpg)
3/11/2019 - Aw. A selfie with Sake! (169.jpg)
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