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Local Disk 4/21/2005
Open wide.
Memories dwell in my past but live in my brain.
Leading on toward tomorrow to feed from me once again.
Heal me.
Give into my life.
As eternity will crumble the stars will look upward.
I will become you.
Live in me.
Fight the life I once had.
I think back but move forward.
Kill time with my arrowhead but always moving ahead.
Listening to my words, but not believing.
The truth is somewhere.
Hard to believe, easy to be tricked.
Long lasting for the moment.
Join in the fun!
Life is just a span of time.
Higher and higher it goes.
Stronger and stronger it bounces.
Nothing will replace anything.
Who will know the now?
But they think then there.
Care kindly thank you.
Live another day until tomorrow.
The present is here to stay.
Drain, refrain.
The game is lost from somewhere in the past.
Jump to the next level, life is the secret warp.
Game over, play again, no more quarters.
Self destruct.

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