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Silence 9/5/2015
The needle, the point, the sting of it all.
Again, into me, into you.
The world of us, the two of us, flowing in the wind.
Life whispers its silence.
The violence depends, it deepens.
Sinks into my skin, into your skin.
The injection falls, flows.
The trigger of my gun, the flash of my knife.
My life, my son.
And what have the two of us won?
To live in society is what we do.
The outside, the inside.
To decide, believe, befriend.
Be free.
Whisper your silence to me.
So I shall understand your blood.
In time, we all come around.
In time, legends are born.
Followed, forgotten.
Little lies, truths torn apart.
Apologies to the world.
My best friend death will greet me in your lifetime.

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