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Adelyn Rock!
Saturday July 22, 2006:

Havok in Hollywood was the first band that opened up, they were okay. Much like Papa Roach. For their finale, the band split the room in half and had the right side merge/split with the left side and then run into each other. It was fun. I didn't get into it though. There were a lot of youngin's there, 12yearolds and such. "Lighters people" turned into "cellphones teenagers". Cute. What's nice about Jammin Java is that it's a non smoking venue. Everyone who smokes does it on the patio outside. I love that about the place. Plus the fact that I can walk home if a set is bad, in the case of The Hint, who was the next band to perform. I bought the Havok in Hollywood cd on my way out. Once home, I took out the trash, and ate dinner. Then around 10ish I came back to see Adelyn. They were just starting to do soundcheck when I got back. What an awesome performance! Even better when the first time I saw them. They caught my eye on Jammin Java's website a few months ago and I'd bought their cd back then. This time, the singer really got into it and the whole band put on an incredible show! I was really into it because I'm not keen on bands these days, but these guys just put on a damn good show. They're playing Warped Tour at Nisaan which will be good for them. They remind me a lot of Incubus. Anyone intrigued should check them out... www.adelynrock.com!

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