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Steve Miller 06
8/9/2006 - I got the night of the 24th off from my job at the library. Earlier this week I picked up my Vast ticket along with the new Breaking Benjamin CD. It turns out I'm subbing for Steve Miller Band at Wolf Trap the night before instead, so it all works out!
8/24/2006 - Steve Miller Band played Swingtown, the song Crossroads, Dance Dance Dance, Abracadabra, Jungle Love, Rock N Me, Take The Money And Run, The Joker, and Fly Like An Eagle complete with a rap chorus.
Wednesday August 23, 2006:

So Steve Miller Band was at Wolf Trap last night. I saw them last year and actually didn't care too much for the show, surprisingly enough. This year was more of the same. My biggest gripe with them is that they don't move. They just play in one spot the whole show. The lights move more than they do! They opened with Swingtown and announced they would play more bluesy stuff. They certainly did. They played a Freddy King cover and the song Crossroads among other blues music. Their harmonica player is actually pretty good. I also heard Dance, Dance, Dance, which was fun, Abracadabra, Jungle Love, Rock N' Me. I missed Take the Money and Run and The Joker, but I left right after they played Fly Like an Eagle complete with a rap chorus. The music's great, the show IS fun, somewhat, but it's the same damn thing you could see on DVD. It's still surprises me that even with it being just them last night (no opening act even), they still sold out. And Wolf Trap's got about a 6,000 people capacity. So yeah, there's my Steve Miller Band review. Take it or leave it.

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