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I'm Gonna Kill You With Kindness... With Kindness
5/2/2014 - Bad Veins at DC9 tonight! Can't wait!!
Friday May 2, 2014:

My girlfriend got there right before the show started and only missed the opening band Ghost Hotel. It was nice that Bad Veins started at 8 and played all the way untll 9:30. They played If Then, I'm Afraid, Dancing On TV, and Kindness. They did a neat drumming trivia game while Ben was tuning his guitar. Kindness was the best part of the night. It was neat to see them again after having seen them open for Local H. Ben told me he had a different drummer with him at the other show. Oops!

5/2/2014 - Bad Veins

5/2/2014 - Ghost Hotel

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