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5/2/2019 (Thursday, 12:18 PM, Food):
Another trip to J Petal for the win!


5/2/2014 (Friday, 10:02 AM):
Bad Veins at DC9 tonight! Can't wait!!
Concerts: Bad Veins at DC9
Top Ten: All That Led Us Here by Boy Hits Car


5/2/2013 (Thursday, 08:37 PM):
Really considering Park Place, but I think the rent may be too high. I did managed to talk them down in price, though.

5/2/2012 (Wednesday, 09:32 PM):
Was reminded of Knock Me Out by Linda Perry the other day when I was listening to old tapes in my car. Kept up with the old tradition of getting a haircut every time my dog got groomed too today.

5/2/2011 (Monday, 10:21 PM):
My boxing instructor kept trying to call me Lieutenant Dan, but it kept coming out as Captain Dan.

5/2/2010 (Sunday, 05:31 PM):
A termite walks into the bar and asks, is the bar tender in here?

5/2/2008 (Friday, 03:09 AM):
Glad Stone Temple Pilots is reuniting!

5/2/2007 (Wednesday, 01:13 PM):
I love the Shiny Toy Guns album We Are Pilots. It has been in my car for a straight week!

5/2/2006 (Tuesday, 06:43 PM):
Made it to the doctor's by 8 for my knee. The doc said he thinks I should get an MRI because he thinks I have a torn cartilage and I should go back on two alleve a day.

5/2/2005 (Monday, 08:47 AM):
Look, Mom. You don't have to compete with Hershey. He gets more excited about stupid things than you'll EVER get.

5/2/2003 (Friday, 11:36 AM):
WHAT: Scary Movie Part-ay WHERE: My house! WHEN: Saturday May 10th!

5/2/2002 (Thursday, 07:06 AM):
Moby's 18 was released today!!
Top Ten: 18 by Moby


5/2/2001 (Wednesday, 08:48 PM):
I couldn't find my metro pass but I had enough money to get home. It was neat visiting Monica's place, we had a study date together. She lives in an apartment with 9 other women! I copied some movies onto her roommate's computer who was very grateful!
Diaries: Day 114

5/2/2000 (Tuesday, 07:07 PM):
A new Sleater Kinney and Guano Apes! Wohoo!
Top Ten: Dont Give Me Names by Guano Apes
Top Ten: All Hands On The Bad One by Sleater Kinney


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