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Bella Morte, Ego Likeness, Little Child Syndrome, Blind Till Now
4/20/2009 - I went over to Best Buy and checked to see if they had some Bella Morte. I'm really into Bella Morte's stuff, they're coming to Jaxx next month and I'm already looking forward to checking that out.
5/13/2009 - I'm looking forward to Bella Morte this weekend at Jaxx. Should be a great show. I hope it's not sold out.
5/15/2009 - Bella Morte!! Heck yeah!!
Friday May 15, 2009:

When Bella Morte was announced on Jaxx's website, I gave them a chance, and got hooked! I tend to frequent the venues websites that are in the area and was intrigued by the name. Jaxx is such an easy club to get to as well! 495, to 620, to Rolling Road and I'm there. Easy parking, too! Their website is tough to read (jaxxroxx.com) but oh well. I left my house at 8 and ended up getting there just as the first act was performing, Blind Till Now. There were four acts total. Blind Till Now, Little Child Syndrome, Ego Likeness, and Bella Morte. Blind Till Now was good. They had cool beats I guess. I liked them better than Little Child Syndrome, though their drummer was good for such a small set. Ego Likeness was really good! They reminded me of what I've seen on YouTube of Fischerspooner. Bella Morte was awesome! They reminded me so much of AFI. The pre-show music even included a Blaqk Audio song. Their set was so much fun! They played End Of The End and As The Storm Unfolds. They also played Black Seas Collide, One Thousand Days, Burn The Sky, and Buried Within. I was sitting at the bar during the first two acts and some girl came up next to me so I moved to offer her a seat and we started chatting! It was fun meeting Andrea. We went back to the bar at one point and had two rounds each. I'm hoping to be back for Days Of The New in a few weeks. All in all, what a great show! I even posted pictures on Facebook already!

5/15/2009 - Bella Morte

5/15/2009 - Blind Till Now

5/15/2009 - Little Child Syndrome

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