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5/15/2020 (Friday, 09:45 PM):
Blue October keep getting better and better with the Stage It shows! Loved tonight's one with all the hit singles including Hate Me, Into The Ocean, Say It, I Want It, Oh My My, everything was incredible! And a long set too! Hooray!!


5/15/2016 (Sunday, 02:30 PM, Skys The Limit):
It's like there's some sort of storm coming or something!


5/15/2014 (Thursday, 05:53 PM):
Apparently there's some sort of fraud on my Amazon account so they locked me out. Sucks.

5/15/2013 (Wednesday, 06:38 PM):
Skipping yoga to finish up my move. Saturday will officially complete the furniture.

5/15/2012 (Tuesday, 08:48 PM):
If all goes as planned I will have six dates over the next week.

5/15/2011 (Sunday, 10:30 PM):
Back home from a very fun and amazing weekend with my folks! When I was in Cafe Amouri this weekend, a lady in line recognized me. Turned out it was the waitress from Sushi Yoshi. Awesome.

5/15/2010 (Saturday, 10:00 PM):
Having a blast at the Swedish Embassy, even if I was at a funeral earlier today!

5/15/2009 (Friday, 09:38 PM):
Bella Morte!! Heck yeah!!
Concerts: Bella Morte at Empire


5/15/2008 (Thursday, 06:32 PM):
I posted a profile on Carpoolworld.com this week to cut some costs for commuting. I pay $3.75 a day to park my car at the Vienna garage. And another $5 or so for commuting back and forth on Metro in rush hour. I got a response today!

5/15/2007 (Tuesday, 09:29 AM):
I went to my rheumatologist appointment yesterday. Basically the doctor told me the cell count in my knee is about 5,000. It should normally be 1,000, if it was lime disease or gout it would be at 50,000. So that's a good sign I guess.

5/15/2003 (Thursday, 11:05 AM):
I just downloaded this song by the Dance Hall Crashers called Cricket and I thought it was a ska song but it's actually different kind of song. Wow!

5/15/2002 (Wednesday, 05:49 PM):
I had been trying to get in touch with Ryan and Courteney all day, and finally did for dinner at Georgetown. My folks and I met up with them around 7:30 after hanging out in the hotel for the afternoon. It was fun, we went to a Mexican place.

5/15/2001 (Tuesday, 08:09 PM):
A new Tool and a new Weezer out the same week! Wow!
Top Ten: Lateralus by Tool
Top Ten: The Green Album by Weezer


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