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Cirque De Solei At The Verizon Center
11/20/2011 - As awesome as seeing Cirque de Solei with one of my favorite gym trainers in a suite at the Verizon Center is, I hope she doesn't get any ideas for boxing the way they jump rope on stage like that.
Sunday November 20, 2011:

This was a pretty nice offer from a friend of mine to go with her and her family as it was for her son's birthday. It was cool to see everyone related to one of the gyms I'm involved with and she got a suite all for ourselves. It was a decent show but I'm sure I missed the point of a lot of the story. Kind of hard to follow being so far from the stage (the pit would have been better, of course), but still neat to say I'd seen the Cirque De Solei!

11/20/2011 - Cirque De Solei

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