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Glad To Be Alive
8/16/2007 - Parents in town this weekend. Family reunion Labor Day weekend. Cowboy Mouth show in September. Renaissance Festival also in September. IRELAND! in October.
Saturday September 15, 2007:

So I saw Cowboy Mouth on Saturday at the 9:30 club. It was still fun even though I feel really old at like every concert I go to these days. This was also the first time I was at the 9:30 since the smoking ban went into effect this past January! I hadn't seen them perform last since before Hurricane Katrina. It was really special when they played The Avenue, which is a song they wrote about that event. And they're from New Orleans, of course. It was such a rewarding show. Fred kept bumping the show up with Maybe its just early we need more from you guys! kinda stuff and he would point out people who looked bored or weren't maybe having as good of a time as they should. Jenny Says was usually their last song but then they played one more song Easy and the club must have been pissed because it was well after their curfew. I think that was one of the better shows I'd seen in a while. The last show I caught at the 9:30 was Massive Attack, almost a year ago.

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