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7/1/2023 (Saturday, 08:45 PM):
Had fun at my building party then stopped by and chatted with my neighbor Patricia for a while. So glad my bathroom remodel is finally done, too!!

7/1/2019 (Monday, 09:11 PM, Friends):
Had fun at the Buddhist Welcome Center with my old friend from highschool!


7/1/2018 (Sunday, 07:45 PM):
Introduced Dave and Michelle to Hen Quarter after helping them move their bed downstairs!


7/1/2017 (Saturday, 08:55 PM):


7/1/2012 (Sunday, 08:12 PM):
Bo Bice tonight with Joey!
Concerts: Bo Bice at Iota Club And Cafe


7/1/2004 (Thursday, 12:14 PM):
I got in and talked with Dick and he showed me around. Everyone's friendly and, unlike my last position, totally professional too! And tonight, a concert!
Concerts: The Streets at 930 Club


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