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Lloyd Dobler Effect At Whitlow's On Wilson
1/8/2004 - The past couple of weeks, several of you have noticed something very different at the LDE shows. Javier Godinez, LDE's violinist, has not been in attendance. In December of 2003, The Lloyd Dobler Effect and Javier Godinez parted ways.
Friday April 16, 2004:

I had a date planned at Whitlow's On Wilson with The Lloyd Dobler Effect, so I ended up getting there just at 10 PM. Coming from route 66 on the Ballston exit I had to turn around in order to get there. I finally found it and got a booth right next to where the band was playing. Phil was facing me and working on the guitar and effects. Then he finally looked up and saw me. He came over and shook my hand and said he wass glad I came. They opened with Kangol Black and played Men At Work's Land Down Under. Then they played A Million Ways and Seventh Angel. I finally got a shirt even though I ended up getting a large. I also got another Live At 9:30 CD. Now I have them all. As for the band, they seemed a lot more mature. I left around 11:30 and said goodbye to Phil, and congratulated him on the trips out to Hawaii and Japan. He said it was a blast. They even registered themselves as Mr Lloyd Dobler at the hotel in Japan!

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