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7/13/2006 - Massive Attack is playing DC for TWO NIGHTS!! I am SO THERE!!!
8/17/2006 - Massive Attack has been announced for September 28th and 29th! Yay! Tickets are $40. I've been wanting to see them for years now! Also, since Leonardo Da Vinci invented the scissors did he also invent the Scissor Sisters?
9/7/2006 - Massive Attack cancelled four dates of their next tour: Toronto, Montreal, Detroit, Chicago. Thank goodness DC is still happening! Apparently, their visas were issued too late. Doh!
9/29/2006 - OH.MY.GOD!!! I get to see MASSIVE ATTACK tonight!!
11/29/2006 - I happened to come across the movie Stay on tv last night. It happened to be at a part where they played a Massive Attack song, Angel. I thought I'd watch part of it but I didn't want to get too into it.
Friday September 29, 2006:

Although I got there just too late to find an opening on the balcony, I did manage to get a spot in the main parking lot for my car, which was good because I paid extra for that. It's too bad my phone will only allow 15 second videos. I did get a lot of cool clips from the show, though. I also got a tour T shirt for $30. Too bad they didn't have any long sleeve or hoodies. The light setup they used was amazing! They are just so cool-looking. And then they had some scrolling text on either side of the stage like Blue Man Group, only totally informational. They started off with info about whatever state it was and then went into stuff about the news and war and politics. It was an awesome awesome show! So glad I went! And I was in the second row the entire time!

9/29/2006 - Massive Attack

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