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Vast at The State Theater 8.25.06
8/5/2006 - Yay! Vast is coming to The State Theater in Falls Church! For $12!!
8/9/2006 - I got the night of the 24th off from my job at the library. Earlier this week I picked up my Vast ticket along with the new Breaking Benjamin CD. Today was the second time I was at the pool all summer!
8/25/2006 - Robert and I got seats at a table about four rows from the stage for Vast. Such a great show!!
Friday August 25, 2006:

I just got back from seeing Vast for the second time. Opening bands turned out to be Mardo and Cross Culture. Mardo reminded me of Motley Crue and 80s hair metal bands. They had a cool thing to make the guitar amplified. Cross Culture was kind of boring. The singer's vocals were way off and they spent half the show trying to fix it. I enjoyed their cover of Weezer's Say It Ain't So and the last song was cool because the guitarist played his guitar over his head and behind his neck. Neat. Oh and the drummer from Mardo was cool too. Robert and I got seats at a table about four rows from the stage for Vast. I had read on the message board that Jon played Flames in Boston. I would have loved to have seen that too! Other songs they didn't play this time included I Don't Have Anything, Evil Little Girl, One More Day, Tattoo Of Her Name, Dead Angels, All I Found Was You, Be With Me, Desert Garden, Don't Take Your Love Away From Me. Still, it was a cool show for the songs they did do, and I was glad to have gone!

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