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3/4/2005 - I just bought my ticket to go see Moby for the second time! I'd have gone to see Garbage again too, but I'm out of town that weekend.
3/14/2005 - Moby's new album Hotel is pretty cool!
4/14/2005 - MOBY TONIGHT!!
Thursday April 14, 2005:

I knew Moby's music better than the last time I saw him and he'd put out a few more albums. I snagged the Atlanta setlist from the board on his website so I somewhat knew what to expect. Since I got there early I had to sit through Buck 65 who was a horrible DJ. All he did was really bad spoken word and his scratching didn't even make any sense! But then Moby came on, including a drummer, backing vocalist, keyboardist, guitarist, and another backing vocalist, all with tons of talent. Laura Dawn was especially amazing. He talked a lot in between songs and one thing I remembered about his shows was that he always says thank you a lot. He mentioned that DC should become a state and how it would scare the shit out of the Republicans if they ever did because DC was mostly African-American and anything they passed might be considered racist. He talked about the election too. He also mentioned an episode of The Simpsons. He gave commentary for most of his songs. It was neat how he learned how to play a song that same day even though he purposely left out the middle parts to write later.

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