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4/14/2018 (Saturday, 10:27 PM, Cherry Blossoms):
Because it wouldn't be a complete tour of DC without binge watching half of Marvelous Mrs Maisel with my folks today!


4/14/2015 (Tuesday, 11:01 PM):
Today I heard brand new songs from Local H, Brand New, and Breaking Benjamin. I feel like it's my birthday!!
Top Ten: Hey, Killer by Local H


4/14/2014 (Monday, 07:13 PM):
Local H's cover of Lorde's Team is just as good as their cover of Britney Spears Toxic!

4/14/2013 (Sunday, 09:06 AM):
Someone just replied to my How About We both be Jewish so our moms ask us less questions about the dating scene!

4/14/2012 (Saturday, 10:09 PM):
Local H for the 6th time tonight, in Annapolis with Nick, David, and Jon. Bad Veins was particularly awesome too!! I really liked their song I'm Afraid.
Concerts: Local H at The Whiskey


4/14/2011 (Thursday, 09:42 PM):
I don't think you need broken computer speakers to not hear anything, Mom!

4/14/2009 (Tuesday, 09:39 AM):
RIP 94.7!

4/14/2007 (Saturday, 04:03 PM):
I want you to succeed. You have a lot to offer. Just be real careful to offer your talent but also be prepared to be required to learn stuff that you might not think is real important at the moment which later may become important.

4/14/2006 (Friday, 12:31 PM):
I watched another Sons And Daughters episode last night. I really do like that show. What could be better than an improv show about a Jewish family?

4/14/2005 (Thursday, 09:57 AM):
Concerts: Moby at 930 Club

4/14/2003 (Monday, 11:01 PM):
Wow what a weekend! I have now just come back from Massachusetts and it was a blast.

4/14/2001 (Saturday, 09:35 PM):
Today we had originally planned to stay in Caceres back in Spain but there was no more room at the hotel. We ended up at the Parador in Placencia. It was really a neat gothic hotel which was pretty cool to stay! I really enjoyed that place.
Diaries: Day 96

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