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The Streets
6/3/2004 - The new The Streets CD isn't just a CD, it tells a story too! A Grand Don't Come For Free.
6/15/2004 - I'm sore. Time for bed soon. Yay for The Streets!! Yay for karate!! Boo for work!! But yay for money!
6/29/2004 - I'm off to karate in about twenty minutes. I'll be damned if I don't go tonight. I'm missing Thursday for The Streets. I can't wait!
7/2/2004 - The Streets were blah last night. I just hate Sold Out shows. Got sidetracked on the way home and ended up driving by my old neighborhood. There's a FOR SALE sign there now. Tomorrow I'm volunteering at Wolf Trap again for Shaggy. How Boombastic!
Thursday July 1, 2004:

The Streets were bleh last night, though I think it was mostly the company I was with that ruined it for me that night (grrr!). Good show, but I'm just not a fan of sold out shows. It was weird being there because I didn't realize how many people are into Mike Skinner and The Streets, being across the pond and all. A Grand Don't Come For Free is still an amazing album, though. Too bad I started a new job the same week! Gotta love it.

7/1/2004 - The Streets

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