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TFK Throw Up Your Rawkfist!
2/15/2012 - Here for Thousand Foot Krutch. Is it just me or does the more I come here make the older I feel? Topping the night off at Yechon, since this gig ended so early, and I wasn't that excited about the band Red!!
Wednesday February 15, 2012:

This had been a long time coming! I had been waiting to see Thousand Foot Krutch since at least two or three albums ago! Their set was very tight and the new songs were great. It was so short though. I wish they could have played more hits like Home. Nine Lashes was okay to see especially but Red was disappointing and I wasn't expecting much from them anyway. I also didn't really care for much of the religion crap that came with that show either. I just wanted to see a good rock show! The average age in the club was 15 too but whatever! The mosh pit didn't get going until the second to last song or so. But there was good audience interaction and pretty good lighting even for such a small stage. Too bad they were only an opening act. I was glad they played Move and Welcome to the Masquerade. Someone in the crowd even had on a mask too. So I finally got to see Thousand Foot Krutch. Hopefully next time they'll headline.

2/15/2012 - Thousand Foot Krutch

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