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25 Years Of Local H
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APRIL 4 1991
By this point, John Sparkman has left the band, leaving Scott to take over full guitar duties. Now a trio, we head to Short Order Recorder in Zion - the studio owned by hometown heroes, Shoes - with Jeff Murphy engineering. This is our second time at the studio with Jeff, after the Pop Top/Ears session with Sparkman on guitar, and we decide to record 9 songs in one day. The songs range from moody REM-like ballads to alarmingly peppy pop-punk tunes. Of the 9 (known as The Scratch Demos), only 3 will see the light of day: 1st Amendment Jitters, Ralph, and Elephant end up on the Drum 7-inch EP released almost a year later by San Francisco label, One World Communications. By the time it comes out, we've moved on, and no longer feel represented by the recording. But the plodding riff and pre-ThrashMaster feedback of Elephant (along with Matt's subscription to the Sub Pop Singles Club) point towards things to come. Lyrically, the track shows Scott's mistrust of the GOP already in full bloom, even if humor has yet to make its way into the mix. What's so funny about the track? The way Scott's voice makes him sound like an emo Geddy Lee. Get that kid some whiskey.

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