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3/19/2020 - Had fun checking out the first Little Boots installment of her livestream during our quarantine days and appreciated the shout out to me and Sam! So cool! (001.jpg)
3/21/2020 - Glad I can still eat well even in trying times! And it was cool to end the week with Squaring The Circle live from the 8x10 in Baltimore for the win! What a cool show!! (002.jpg)
3/24/2020 - Had fun watching Rachel Sermanni do a few songs on her livestream today. (003.jpg)
3/26/2020 - Had fun watching the second installment of Little Boots livestream at home today! I loved her Elton John and Lady Gaga covers especially! (004.jpg)
3/27/2020 - What a great way to wrap up my week with a livestream from Todd Hembrook, the singer from Deals Gone Bad! I especially loved Messing Around, I Was Wrong, the Under The Boardwalk cover, and Things Are Gonna Get Better! (005.jpg)
4/2/2020 - Enjoyed the Rachel Sermanni livestream on Jenn Grant's page tonight a lot! Thanks!! (006.jpg)
4/4/2020 - Had fun watching Thom and Alisa from The Naked And Famous on Instagram Livestream tonight! They played Sunseeker, Hearts Like Ours, Bury Us, and Punching In A Dream. And Thanida Thai food for dinner, yum! (007.jpg)
4/12/2020 - Had fun watching a Kate Havnevik livestream today! Wow, that was a blast from the past for me! (009.jpg)
4/17/2020 - Had quite the Livestreaming Friday! Got to check out Just Jack sing with his daughter (so cute) after work, then a few songs from Justin Mauriello which was unexpected and cool, and Justin Furstenfeld from Blue October on Stage It doing Foiled!!! (012.jpg)
4/26/2020 - Had fun at yet another Striking Matches StageIt online performance! They played Hanging on a Lie, When The Right One Comes Along, Desire among a few others. Too bad about the tech issues, StageIt definitely not the best platform!! (014.jpg)
4/27/2020 - Old School Metallica from Michigan 1991! On the day I would have seen Madeline Albright in person. Sigh. (015.jpg)
5/1/2020 - What a great Blue October set for the History For Sale album! Justin did the whole thing including Ugly Side, Calling You, Clumsy Cardhouse, Chameleon Boy, Three Weeks She Sleeps, Inner Glow, Afterglow, Amazing, Grateful Dancing and Still Broken! So cool! (016.jpg)
5/3/2020 - Had fun watching yet another Striking Matches StageIt performance, this time fan-curated! They did Medicine, Trouble Is, Shameless, He Only Loves Me When It's Raining. What a great show! Glad to get that German Gourmet fix on too! Yum!! (017.jpg)
5/4/2020 - Rabbi Vs Jedi for Star Wars day was awesome!! Thanks Sixth & I! Followed that up with another Metallica Monday, this time from London 2016 debuting Hardwired To Self Destruct!! Not bad for a Monday!! (019.jpg)
5/10/2020 - Hooray for an awesome Stage It Striking Matches livestream! Loved hearing all the covers, including Crossroads, Patsy Cliine, and Buffalo Springfield For What It's Worth. Love it! (020.jpg)
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