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4/26/2008 - Still can't believe I'm hanging out with three friends I haven't seen in 10+ years! (002.jpg)
1/16/2009 - Made it to Daryl and Heather's in South Carolina in just an 8 hour drive! Here we are at Brixx for lunch! (003.jpg)
9/4/2011 - Me, Shani, and Devon at Tonic at Quigley's Pharmacy, Foggy Bottom, September 4. (010.jpg)
10/19/2012 - 33 years ago, I would have been born by now. (013.jpg)
10/27/2012 - Ahhh good ol Manassas today. Fun hanging out with everyone at Eddie and Lisa's wedding this weekend! And yeah, I guess Boy Hits Car was just not meant to be this week! (014.jpg)
11/24/2012 - Thanksgiving weekend meetup in Annapolis! (015.jpg)
12/29/2012 - Friendly's ice cream sundae worth driving eight hours? I can still quote the Fifth Element even when it's on the Spanish channel! (017.jpg)
6/21/2013 - Happy birthday, Liana! (018.jpg)
12/26/2013 - Celebrating holidays with friends is the best! (020.jpg)
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