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4/13/2011 - Pretty yummy breakfast indeed!! (001.jpg)
1/17/2012 - I hate having a cold. Someone take care of me! (003.jpg)
3/18/2012 - Korean bul go gi and dragon roll sushi to top off the weekend at Yechon. (004.jpg)
1/23/2013 - Damn cardio classes kicked my butt this week and I'm even too tired for yoga! (006.jpg)
2/10/2013 - What kind of food does Wonder Woman buy at the grocery store? Wonder bread. (007.jpg)
4/17/2013 - Saying goodbye to my favorite Italian place, The New Toscana Grill, damn it's so good!! (011.jpg)
5/21/2014 - Nothing like Korean stew on a rainy Wednesday! (018.jpg)
5/24/2014 - Brunch and pool today! (019.jpg)
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