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7/24/2009 - In Vienna VA, 7/24/09 (taken with Verizon's Env Touch). (001.jpg)
7/15/2012 - What a great rainbow! (004.jpg)
7/13/2013 - Pretty Alexandria sunset after a rainbow! (007.jpg)
7/22/2013 - Good morning world! (009.jpg)
3/22/2014 - Beautiful day out! I really want to see Goldfrapp's Tales Of Us film, but it's just not in DC. (011.jpg)
4/17/2014 - Awesome sunrise today! (012.jpg)
4/26/2014 - A pretty sky earlier today! (013.jpg)
5/22/2014 - Around Old Town Alexandria! (014.jpg)
8/21/2014 - A picture from this morning! Hotel Monaco with my company tonight was so much fun! (015.jpg)
8/30/2014 - What a cool sunset over Clinton MA tonight! (016.jpg)
10/3/2014 - Good morning, morning. (019.jpg)
10/7/2014 - Second time walking the three miles home from work, takes about an hour door to door. Don't think I'll ever do it to work, but with nice weather it's a pretty nice walk actually. (020.jpg)
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