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1/10/2001 - Hola! Today I went on a tour of Madrid led by Paco, a school teacher. It was kind of frustrating that I almost missed it and had to run to catch up to the group. After the tour I went to Puerta Del Sol to look for a convertor for my laptop. (001.jpg)
1/13/2001 - Today I went to Salamenca which was full of cool churches and a wall of frogs. It was really neat talking to a priest who knew 7 different languages. Also had a nice drink with a guy named Steve on the way back to the bus at a random bar. (002.jpg)
1/14/2001 - When I finally got home and caught up on my sleep at 6:00 AM or something, I went out later in the day to Parque Retiro. It was fun rollerblading around everywhere. (003.jpg)
1/28/2001 - What a fun Superbowl! (004.jpg)
2/4/2001 - Today Daryl, Mario, and Neil all contributed to giving me a haircut! On the way home, I saw a sign for a Linkin Park and Deftones concert that sounded interesting. Hopefully I can go! I fell asleep watching American Beauty on my laptop. (005.jpg)
2/15/2001 - We got to Rome by noon and made it to the Colosseum! I had a great room right by Mario and Daryl. The pizza was so good! We saw the Forum and a lot of downtown. We ended up at a bar to watch a bit of Rome versus Liverpool. My ravioli dinner was so yummy! (007.jpg)
2/16/2001 - At the Vatican we saw Saint Peter's Church and the Sistine Chapel. We also went all the way up to the top of a building to catch a panoramic view of Rome! After dinner we went clubbing. It was neat to see a live sax player jam with house music. So fun!! (011.jpg)
2/18/2001 - At one point today a group of students approached me and told me they knew me from AU! That was cool. Today I got to see the lion's mouth and fountain. I wish I still had that pic of me when I was a kid at the lion's mouth too! (013.jpg)
3/8/2001 - At school today we talked about Semana Santa. In Sociology we watched a movie about the Basques. I got my schedule mixed up when I got to karate class an hour early! I managed to find enough to do and had another fun class after all! (014.jpg)
3/17/2001 - Today was the first day in Valencia! Mario and I hung out a bit around the city and later with the group and everyone else too. We ended up at a club called Accion and I got to have some fun dancing! Bunuelos and churros everywhere! So much fun! (018.jpg)
3/18/2001 - Mario and I went to the beach today. It was great to be at the beach again! Here's some of my other classmates in Valencia this week! (019.jpg)
3/19/2001 - We went to the Museum of Science in Valencia. I wasn't that impressed. It was fun laying around in the sun. The IMAX wasn't all that great though either. Seeing the burning of Las Falls was amazing though. Totally awesome and worth the trip! (020.jpg)
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