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7/29/2010 - Quick stop at the library and then it's off to an overnight hike with my brother and my cousin! (001.jpg)
7/21/2012 - I love being able to walk here from home. (003.jpg)
10/21/2012 - Beautiful fall day on Four Mile Run! Of course the one time I actually bring my camera to a gig, my battery dies. Should be a kickass show. Ego Likeness & My Life With The Thrill Kill Kult tonight! (004.jpg)
12/26/2012 - At work on a day I was originally supposed to have off and yet I couldn't be happier. (005.jpg)
10/27/2013 - Our 3 month anniversary today! (009.jpg)
1/20/2014 - What a pretty sky today! (010.jpg)
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