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1/3/2019 - Loving the hot cocoa bar at We Works today, cookies and hot chocolate, yum! (223.jpg)
1/7/2019 - One final goodbye to having Bozelli's pizza on my commute! Especially gotta have that Joe From Jersey meal! Yum!! (224.jpg)
1/12/2019 - The perfect kind of day to resurrect my slow cooker crock pot, in anticipation of the incoming snowstorm too! (225.jpg)
1/20/2019 - Had a fun weekend, took a furloughed friend out to Thanida Thai for dinner on Saturday night, then went to Catch On The Ave for brunch, then out to the Board Room to watch the Pats beat the Chiefs in overtime! What a game that was! (228.jpg)
2/8/2019 - Yum! Checking out the sushi place near my new office building, Ariake! (232.jpg)
2/11/2019 - Yum! Still got it! (233.jpg)
2/14/2019 - A special Valentines Day treat all for me courtesy of J Petal! I love this place!! Plus my desk and a Fire TV stick are coming from Amazon later! Wohoo!! (234.jpg)
2/17/2019 - A nice sushi date with a good friend at Sushi Taiko in Springfield! (235.jpg)
2/28/2019 - Dessert for lunch! Yes, please!! (236.jpg)
3/5/2019 - Had fun at the Mardi Gras party my apartment complex had tonight! Fun to talk to my neighbors even if I do only know their dog names! Food was pretty good this time too! (237.jpg)
3/9/2019 - Having a nice time out with a friend introducing her to Korean food for the first time! What a great day! Niam, niam! (238.jpg)
3/12/2019 - A little thai food for lunch never hurt anyone! But who doesn't have drunken noodles?! (239.jpg)
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