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7/4/2019 - Had a fun lunch by inviting Khanh and Nick over, to hang out on Mahendran's last day. Topped the day off by watching the fireworks via PBS on my screen projector and of course Season 3 of Stranger Things!! What a fun week!!! (062.jpg)
8/3/2019 - Such a fun evening hanging out with some of my three favorite ladies - Kelly, Khanh, and Pri - and special thanks to Khanh for all the yummy Vietnamese food! Sooo good!! (064.jpg)
9/28/2019 - Had so much fun today breaking in Kelly and Romario's new apartment in DC near U Street! They have so much space now to be able to host, it was fun! And so great that everyone could make it!! Especially on Pri's birthday!! (068.jpg)
10/19/2019 - What a crazy birthday, from lunch at Spice Kraft Bistro with Pri, to Toryumon dinner, karaoke at Recessions, and clubbing at 18th Street Lounge! Wow!! I'm 40 now! (080.jpg)
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