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3/16/2018 - Had a fun day in Philly today with Sam. We went to Dinic's for a roast beef lunch, Bassetts Ice Cream, and the Jewish museum for the Leonard Bernstein exhibit. Had a few drinks at the bar and I had a really yummy scallops dinner!! (162.jpg)
3/21/2018 - Lunch on the snowiest day of the year! (164.jpg)
3/27/2018 - A nice, healthy dinner! (165.jpg)
4/11/2018 - Sopa de omelette anyone? Yum! (166.jpg)
4/13/2018 - Yup, my parents are in town! So we are at Enjera!! :) (167.jpg)
4/20/2018 - Rob to Cheryl: Let's go over to the ABC store after dinner and pick our poison! Me to Kris: Let's go over to Sweet Frog after dinner and pick our poison! (169.jpg)
4/29/2018 - Finally getting that omelet thing down good! (172.jpg)
5/3/2018 - Lunch done right! (173.jpg)
5/6/2018 - Seafood scramble, anyone?! So good! (174.jpg)
5/7/2018 - Another day another lunch! (175.jpg)
5/11/2018 - I'm probably the only guy who would eat a Korean lunch in a Vietnamese mall! (177.jpg)
5/13/2018 - Happy belated birthday, Nick! So fun to hang out with Kelly, Dave and Michelle today too! (179.jpg)
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