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And 6/2/2002
Because there's someone you love.
Because there's a brother.
You may never listen.
You know they may stop remembering.
You don't care.
You keep on going.
It's a cycle that keeps returning you to the same spot.
You come from the inside and relate to the environment.
It's a cycle that keeps returning you.
Don't get caught or it will catch you.
You live your life not realizing these things.
That there is no normalcy.
You are only you.
People should be shot for forgetting who they are.
And those same people need to realize that you are not them either.
Life is a success, life is a journey.
Life is not a vacation.
Life is a gift much too often taken for granted.
When life comes it greets you in the craziest ways.
The goofiest smiles the nicest people and the insane ones.
The ones who you love may stay but the ones who you think you know may also leave.
That's what really gets me.

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