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6/2/2020 (Tuesday, 06:03 PM, Covid Livestreams):
Sully Erna with Mike Mushok from Staind! Nice!!


6/2/2019 (Sunday, 07:07 PM, Skys The Limit):
What a rainbow outside my apartment building today!!


6/2/2018 (Saturday, 01:06 PM, Food):
Seafood scramble anyone?


6/2/2016 (Thursday, 12:30 PM, Food):
An apple a day keeps cancer away!


6/2/2015 (Tuesday, 11:58 AM, Food):
A good day for homemade pho!


6/2/2012 (Saturday, 07:14 PM):
Oops, I think the trip to the park tired me out just as much as Sake!

6/2/2011 (Thursday, 11:35 PM):
Closing out the day with yoga, wine, and Porn Sword Tobacco! These aren't just Dina's brownies! Also, Goldie tonight at Ultrabar! Sweet!!

6/2/2010 (Wednesday, 11:05 PM):
Excited to check out the new Ultra Dolphins album Alien Baby!
Top Ten: Alien Baby by Ultra Dolphins


6/2/2009 (Tuesday, 10:47 PM):
Guess it wasn't one of those times where my boxing class kicked the crappy sick feeling out of my system!

6/2/2006 (Friday, 12:45 PM):
Al was trying to get our Intranet program to load with Citrix. It only allows exe files to run off the program though. So what I suggested was to make an exe that opened the website. So I found the code and with a little persistence, got it to work!

6/2/2005 (Thursday, 04:50 PM):
I got a new phone last night a Samsung Verizon Wireless A890. It's pretty sweet. Video & Pix messaging and everything.

6/2/2004 (Wednesday, 12:37 AM):
I almost forgot to mention today I received my blue belt in Karate class! I got an A+ in everything!

6/2/2002 (Sunday, 07:15 PM):
That's what really gets me.
Poetry: And

6/2/1998 (Tuesday, 08:32 PM):
The traveler's life was not lived to the fullest, it was passed by for the future.
Poetry: Time To Exist

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