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Comfort 1/16/2000
Sunlight filters in through the trees, sparkling.
Along the river, flowing, through the banks of the muddy sides.
I look out over all of this and a smile widens.
An innocent smile, the most innocent ever seen.
Yet sweet, like sugar.
Sweet like cotton candy on a hot summer day.
Eating it cool, eating it fast, so as not to let it melt.
Nearby, the refreshment stand strains not to disappear in the summer heat.
I look still over the river, flowing.
The sunlight filters in through the trees, sparkling.
I sigh and think to myself.
If only.
She was here to comfort me and I to comfort her.
Eternity would be ours.
My breath lets out into the world in front of me and trees sway.
An innocent smile I know I can feel and a warmth that the sun beats down upon me.
When I look over by that refreshment stand, I catch a glimpse of reality, and I sit down to cry.

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