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Greatest Piece of Work Ever 10/31/2000
I want to write the greatest piece of work ever.
One that will make your eyes bleed just by reading it.
It will rip you in half.
Your body will gush out like a waterfall cascading from the highest mountain.
I want you to read it, word for word, bit by bit.
For reading will only help you learn learn about this piece of work.
This piece will be ever so unique, it will combine all forms of art.
But it will not only have art, nature science history the present the future.
Everything will be combined in the greatest piece of work ever.
I want you to understand it, not just catch the gist of it.
When you are finished reading it, the work written by none other than me.
You will come to realize the ironic truth about life.
The truth that there may never be such a thing like the greatest piece of work ever.
How would you feel if you read the greatest piece of work ever?
Would you even know it is the greatest?
How would you know?
Who would tell you what you need to learn?
Life is funny in its ways.
It can grab you by the throat and squeeze your lungs until they bleed.
Or it can caress your heart with thousands of intertwining emotions.
Life can make you happy and the next minute it can stab you in the back.
The greatest piece of work, now that is quite a story!
Finished by its own intriguing finale.
Who will ever read such a fabulous tale?
Who will know the secrets behind the door of life?
Open your door, that's it, turn the knob.
Life is waiting, beckoning to come.
On the other side, the greatest piece of work ever, to be acknowledged and recognized.
The colors of my eyes ricochet from the pieces of my life.
I shimmer forever.

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