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I See Her 7/5/1998
I see her.
I stare into her eyes, through her eyes.
Time stands still.
Her eyes mimic mine.
In the air of modesty, in the air of truth.
I see her in me, her honesty.
My good fortune has brought me only the best.
I know what this means.
Only the future can hold what time brings us.
Forever together.
Love is everything.
I sigh and think to myself, eternity is never this happy.
But for now, it is.
I will do my best to maintain friendship.
Trust, togetherness.
In the air of us there is no space.
Only two beings.
Lost in a sense of time, senseless.
Serenity unfolds, silence deepens the soul.
I become her.
We embrace.
The passage between us, the passage forever.
Our passage, intertwined.
In us.
Until death do us part.

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