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Its What People Do 1/4/2011
Pull myself together on this lousy chair.
I think of this morning as I ruffle my hair.
Sweating out my pores, I think of hollow apple cores, that spill out all over the kitchen's floor.
I'm hanging, suspended in mid-air.
About to dive down, deep underground.
I swim to the bottom, the ocean's depth.
The waves crash overhead.
I'm now sleeping in my bed.
Once at war, now I've forgotten what's worth fighting for.
Just another line said.
That's the talk of the day, the minute hand of the arrowhead.
People bicker, argue, misconstrue.
All the time, it's what they do.
But when it all comes down to it, I realize life's not all that bad!
It's the little things we all don't realize that make us mad.
That's how and why I find myself smiling.
I'm glad.

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