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Karma Virus 10/2/2020
In a helicopter he's flying.
A quick announcement, just long enough to stop lying.
Once mocking everyone now he's dying.
Karma's a bitch, aint that satisfying!
I really don't care, do you?
When only his fanbase will stay true.
Fake news they'll say.
The crazy liberals made up this funny play.
Up until the very last day.
No I won't feel sorry at all.
This may be his final wake-up call.
If in fact he survives the night.
To keep his tan he'll have to stay out of sight.
When he kicks the bucket I'll breathe.
A sigh of relief if you can believe.
Maybe if it happened before.
We might already know what's in store.
If you mess with fire you're gonna get burned.
At least that's what the rest of us learned.
His friends will all soon be there too.
Keeping America Great!
One super spreader event at a time.
It's never too late!

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