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Timeless Time 3/26/2013
And there was that moment a moment ago.
And there was that day a week early.
When you talked to me last.
And I asked you first.
And there was that time I forgot.
When I meant to remember.
And there was that time I remembered.
When I meant to forget.
Once there was a time I said no.
But meant to say yes.
Once there was a time I digressed.
When I meant to stay on track.
And once there was a time I circled back.
To the beginning of the end.
To watch it all bend.
The moment cracked.
Time stood still.
Noon dawned as the moon wondered where the cow went.
Pinpointed time spots.
The hourglass shatters the sundial points.
The compass a direction with nowhere to go but a gps zooming geocache.
I wonder where my cookie went.
Could it be my computer just crashed?

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