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On Powdered Ground
3/7/2017 - Agnes Obel tonight! Bro night out!
Tuesday March 7, 2017:

Seeing Agnes Obel for a second time at 9:30 Club was great! I think I enjoyed her show a tad bit more in 2014 but this was still just as good and great to hear the new stuff as well. The set list was pretty all inclusive except I remember the last time I saw her she did Words Are Dead and that was missing this time around. Songs included Dorian, Familiar, Philharmonics, Fuel To Fire, Run Cried The Crawling, Mary, The Curse, Stone, Stretch Your Eyes. She did Smoke And Mirrors at the start of her encore and ended with Riverside and On Powdered Ground. The harmonies were amazing. I went with a buddy of mine and it was nice to catch up! We met up at the movie theater next door and hung out at the back bar since the opening act was a bit boring and I didn't want us to be those guys who talked over everything during that set. It was neat going with him because he's a music teacher so he was pretty impressed at how innovative Agnes Obel and her Belgium friends really are!

3/7/2017 - Agnes Obel

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