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A Broken Toilet A Happy Man Does Not Make
2/11/2017 - Wow, the St Francis Social were so great, even better than Underlined Passages!! Thanks for the birthday invite, Ben!
Saturday February 11, 2017:

We kind of went into this show blindly without really knowing anyone except through a friend of a friend so we hoped it wouldn't completely suck. Of course we got there crazy early to make sure we wouldn't miss the band we were going to see but the show started even later than when we got there, which was right on time! So we grabbed a drink down the street and came back just in time to catch Faft. Faft was a decent performer and kind of reminded me of Jon Crosby from Vast! Then St Francis Social came on and they blew me away! I really dug the drummer and they sounded so much like Local H which was funny because I was chatting with the drummer before their set about Local H due to the hoodie I was wearing! It was so cool to see them. Then Underlined Passages came on and they were kind of blah to me but I still found them entertaining I just liked St Francis Social better! Ha! It was still fun to go back to the Velvet Lounge again and to see our friend for his birthday. Fun times!

2/11/2017 - Underlined Passages

2/11/2017 - Faft

2/11/2017 - St Francis Social

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