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8/5/2017 - Digging the new Bella Morte! It was fun to see them again at Spellbound last night despite the sold-out crowd. Lucky I was in the second row!
8/14/2017 - A new Bella Morte album! Cool!
Saturday August 5, 2017:

During my day out in Maryland I got a reminder from Facebook that Bella Morte was playing Spellbound that night! Nice! So I built it into my schedule and took a Lyft ride from my place out to Spellbound at Recessions. It had been ages since I'd been to Recessions and I had never been to Spellbound. Spellbound is DC's goth and industrial bar, dark wave New Order and Depeche Mode kind of stuff. When I came inside I had to make my way through the crowd and the DJ was playing Blaqk Audio. The crowd was nice though and I like that kind of diversity sometimes, it's good to break from the norm. I had a drink at the bar. The first bartender made me a shitty vodka tonic so I told another bartender to close out my tab after one drink and he made me a gin and tonic on the house which was nice. I avoided the first bartender after that for sure! Met a nice married couple next to me at the bar and was talking to them a bit during the first band, The Long Losts. The band was just okay. When Bella Morte came on, I made my way to the stage and was in the second row the whole set! It was mostly new stuff from their upcoming album due out next week, but I still liked it and recognized an old song they played too. What a nice surprise to see Bella Morte again! I had last seen them at Jaxx years ago. I miss the old songs but was glad to see them anyway. I left before Aurelio Voltaire went on but it was packed and I just wanted to leave by that point.

8/5/2017 - Bella Morte

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